We are proud to present a collection of kitchen sink and faucet technology that embody the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. We know spending time in the kitchen surrounded by products that look great and function beautifully, is one of life's greatest pleasures.

But why stop at our kitchen pullout faucet products?
By approaching all we do with impeccable style and intelligence, Castle Bay is setting new standards for beautiful customer relationships and intelligent business dealings.

Design is a fundamental pillar of the Castle Bay brand. Our designers subscribe to a straightforward and customer-centric design philosophy, grounded in the belief that good design must transcend form and function to create an emotional bond with its customers.

Experience the difference Castle Bay makes our new products, new ideas and most importantly our new attitude not just beautiful, smart.

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Attention to detail, an eye for aesthetics and an innovative outlook have led to Castle Bay receiving numerous design awards for our stainless steel sinks.

Outstanding quality always includes two aspects: the aesthetic form and the functional. It is only what appeals to us that can move us emotionally and it is only what represents a reliable value that is capable of convincing us over the long term. At Castle Bay, we look to nature when designing pullout faucets so as to always create exceptional new lines: as durable and resilient as a piece of granite, as impressive and beautiful as a mountain landscape.

Aesthetics: The extraordinarily elegant design of Castle Bay kitchen faucet products raises the experience of simply handling water to a new level. These exclusively processed faucets create a refined atmosphere in any kitchen or bathroom.

Functionality: Our many years of experience and the continuous ongoing development of our products give them a unique functionality. We also integrate new technologies to achieve higher standard of living for those using our products.

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LeadFree Faucet

On January 1st, 2010, it will be illegal to sell products that dispense water for human consumption that do not meet AB1953.

Castle Bay faucets are made of 100% stainless steel construction and are lead free. Castle Bay not only complies with the law but also has embraced the spirit of the law because we believe we have an obligation to do more. Complying is not good enough! We believe we should eliminate lead not only from our products but eliminate lead and other harmful materials from the environment. We also have a commitment to use as little of our natural resources in the production of our products as possible.

Castle Bay is aware of its environmental responsibilities. We regard the concept of sustainability as a great challenge and incorporate it in everything we do. Thanks to innovative technical features, our products significantly reduce the consumption of water and energy.

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Our Mission

Castle Bay sinks and faucets reflect the true passion for stylish and high quality craftsmanship. We are confident its dependabilty and beauty will satisfy you for years to come.
"Value for life" is our mission. Everyday we strive to fulfill this mission and ensure Canadians homeowners feel that our products bring value to their lives. With a comprehensive collection of sinks and faucets, our designs will certainly get you to fall in love with your kitchen and bathroom all over again.

Lighted Stainless SteelFaucet

Our Lighted Series faucet is a temperature-sensitive LED faucet that works by illuminating the water that comes out of your faucet. For example, when the water is cold, the BLUE LED illuminates the water as it exits your faucet. If that isn't cool enough, the faucet will automatically switches to the RED LED just before it gets too hot to touch. NO MORE HOT WATER SURPRISES!

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Linkage Switch DrainageFaucet

Castle Bay unveiled a major breakthrough-

the new generation linkage faucet that revolutionized the faucet industry. You simply press the button on the faucet, and it will drain away the water. Really easy! The new generation linkage faucet is one of the smartest revolution in faucet design in more than a decade.

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Designed with a water filter and water cooler built directly into the body, drinking faucets are specially created for one purpose to produce cold, filtered water on demand. Healthy, clean, great-tasting water shouldn't cost a fortune. Over a two-year period, Castle Bay FilterWater faucet is a fraction of the cost of bottled water or pitcher-treated water. Why overpay for healthy water if you don't need to?
FilterWater by Castle Bay takes the hydration experience in the home to the next level. They built on the strikingly bright aesthetic of the Castle Bay Filtration System and elevated it.

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